Chapter 76
Chapter 76
Kanji モミモミ、パン!!!!
Romaji Momimomi, Pan!!!!
Volume 8
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 75 Chapter 77

HIP 76: FONDLE AWAY!!!! (モミモミ、パン!!!!, Momimomi, Pan!!!!) is the seventy-sixth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


By using her "Hip of Babylon", Kazane was able to show various techniques with different styles, including Infighting and Counter techniques, despite being an Outfighter. Kazane managed to corner Sanae. But soon, Sanae used her trump card, "Pie Pile Piper". By twirling her boobs and used them as a drill, Sanae stabbed Kazane. However, Kazane was able to survive before being rescued by Non. Sanae noticed that they managed to corner Kurogiri, as Kurogiri's "Fairy Butt" returned to its original shape.

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