Chapter 74
Chapter 74
Kanji バラバラ!!!!
Romaji Barabara!!!!
Volume 8
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 73 Chapter 75

HIP 74: SHATTERED APART!!!! (バラバラ!!!!, Barabara!!!!) is the seventy-fourth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


As the second match of the East-West War started, Usagi rushed towards her opponent, but was blocked by Mai. Yoshida tried to support her but she kept away from Usagi instead, and fought her opponent, Kurogiri. Shortly after, Higuchi appeared and assaulted Non, scrubbing her own butt to Non in order to burn her. Sayaka and Rin commented that they were supposed to work together, but they were fighting own their own. Sanae finally approached Kazane. But soon, Kazane commanded her teammates to do something. Non and Yoshida suddenly jumped to flip the Land over. As such, they managed to defeat the two of Suruga's players. While Sanae and Kurogiri were able to survive.

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