Chapter 70
Chapter 70.jpg
Kanji 女神!!!!
Romaji Megami!!!!
Volume 8
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 69 Chapter 71

HIP 70: GODDESS!!!! (女神!!!!, Megami!!!!) is the seventieth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Revealing her "Synaesthesia", Nami Nanase cornered Kotone. While weak spots on Kotone Fujisaki's butt were visible to Nanase since she could see them. However, Akari Fuyuzora suddenly bumped into Nanase. While Nanase scolded Akari for bumping into her, Akari apologized and pointed at Mio, the one who sent her flying. Mio then advised Kotone to become "softer". While dispacted with Akari, Kaho tried to fight Mio alone. However, Mio cornered and tortured her with her technique, "Queen of Hip". Akari then returned to save her twin sister. On the other hand, Nanase tried to target Sayaka once more, but was blocked by Kotone again. Due to Mio's advice, Kotone figured out that her chests were capable of holding off Nanase's attack. Kotone then pushed Nanase with her "Piercing Fang Bust".

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