Chapter 69
Chapter 69
Kanji 警護!!!!
Romaji Keigo!!!!
Volume 8
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 68 Chapter 70

HIP 69: BODYGUARDS!!!! (警護!!!!, Keigo!!!!) is the sixty-ninth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


As Kotone Fujisaki, Sayaka Miyata, and Mio Kusakai managed to defeat Saki Hanayama, they proceeded the match. Nami Nanase figured out that Sayaka needed to recover after using her "K-acceleration", deciding to eliminate her. But soon, Mio stepped between and protected Sayaka. When Akari Fuyuzora and Kaho Fuyuzora also tried to target Sayaka, Kotone appeared and blocked both of them. However, Nanase was still insisted of defeating Sayaka, but soon Kotone assaulted her without even looking at her. Kotone revealed her "Cerberus" to Nanase as she asked Mio to handle both Akari and Kaho in order to protect Sayaka. Kotone attacked Nanase twice, but Kotone seemed to be the one who took a hit from her. Nanase then stated to have tasted Kotone's butt taste. Irritated by this, Kotone tried to attack Nanase once more, but Kotone felt pain again. Nanase decided that she would eat her up, whereas Kotone thought that Nanase has the same ability as her.

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