Chapter 68
Chapter 68.jpg
Kanji ジャングル・ジム!!!!
Romaji Janguru jimu!!!!
Volume 8
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 67 Chapter 69

HIP 68: THE JUNGLE GYM!!!! (ジャングル・ジム!!!!, Janguru jimu) is the sixty-eighth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Sayaka attacked Nami Nanase, but Nanase was able to dodge her by swinging around the pipe. While Sayaka dodging Nanase's counterattack, she was suddenly assaulted from above by Saki Hanayama, using her "God Hip Impact". When Sayaka was about to fall down, Kotone Fujisaki saved her by using her "Cerberus". Mio Kusakai then asked Mari Murata whether she was capable of handling Hanayama. Murata stated that she doubted that. While Murata was off guard, Kaho Fuyuzora locked off her left foot, while Akari Fuyuzora assaulted her, eliminating her. Thus Murata was the first to sink. Hanayama then warned Nanase to dodge, as she was targeted by Kotone. Thus Hanayama took Kotone instead. Nanase then noticed Sayaka behind her, but soon she vanished. Nanase also noticed that Mio began moving. However, Nanase eventually realized that they were not targeting her, but the three of them were targeting Hanayama. Thus, Kotone, Sayaka, and Mio managed to defeat Hanayama.

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