Chapter 67
Chapter 67
Kanji 尻喰い!!!!
Romaji Shiri Kui!!!!
Volume 7
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 66.5 Chapter 68

HIP 67: BUTT EATER!!!! (尻喰い!!!!, Shiri Kui!!!!) is the sixty-seventh chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Apparently, Nozomi's father, Nobuo Kaminashi, went to watch his daughter. While heading to the Shimizu Keijo Stadium. he met a women and tried to tease her, while commenting that they were going to the same place. Thus if she didn't know the way to go there, he would like to accompany her. The women then accepted his offer while called her husband, causing Nobuo to be surprised. Meanwhile at the Stadium, the first match of the East-West War was about to begin. As the players entered the arena, the commentator introduced all of the participants, while revealing the Land for the first match would be the Jungle Gym. Before the match started, one of Suruga's players, Nami Nanase, commented that she was happy because she could defeat the gold medallist and the former Judo star at the same time. She also revealed that she wanted to become an idol. However, Mio Kusakai teased Nanase instead. As the match started, both Setouchi and Suruga revealed their swimsuits. Sayaka then immediately rushed towards Nanase.

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