Chapter 65
Chapter 65
Kanji 東西戦!!!!
Romaji Tōzai-sen!!!!
Volume 7
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 64 Chapter 66

HIP 65: THE EAST-WEST WAR!!!! (東西戦!!!!, Tōzai-sen!!!!) is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Following the end of the training camp, Setouchi went to Shimizu Keijo Stadium for the next event called "The East-West War", a traditional competition which held once a year, where they need to face against the east. Upon arriving there, they suddenly met Suruga, and found out that they have more facilities compared to them. While talking to reporters, Suruga's teacher mocked Setouchi, especially blamed their teachers. Provoked, Nozomi and her friends showed up, prompting to defend their teachers. However, one of Suruga's students also showed up to defend her teacher, warning Nozomi to stand back. Ignoring her warning, Nozomi took more step, prompting Suruga's student to attack Nozomi and sent her flying. Surprised, Nozomi mumbled how could she sent her flying with such a slender body. However, Nozomi was also able to counter her, which managed to shred Maya's clothes off. Nozomi then stated not to underestimate Setouchi.

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