Chapter 64
Chapter 64.jpg
Kanji キッカケ!!!!
Romaji Kikkake!!!!
Volume 7
Arc Training Camp Arc
Chapter 63 Chapter 65

HIP 64: MOTIVATION!!!! (キッカケ!!!!, Kikkake!!!!) is the sixty-fourth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Usagi fell down to the Land and lost. While Nozomi celebrated her own victory. Later that night. Usagi was seen pissed off due to her defeat. But, Nozomi still invited her to join the dinner party. She initially refused but accepted, upon hearing that Mio Kusakai was also present. While heading to the dinning room, Usagi told that she was motivated by Mio, which made her adored Mio. However, Usagi shy away when Nozomi implied that their match was fun. Rin Rokudo then told Nozomi about the big event next month. The two Keijo schools would clash to find out which was better, Setouchi from the west, or Suruga's from the east. They then proceeded discussing about "The East-West War" along with the other Elite Class members. Soon afterward, Kyoko Shirayuki appeared and revealed that she once participated in that event six years ago, but they were completely defeated. Shirayuki then asking them to revenge, because she believed the outcome of this year would be different.

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