Chapter 62
Chapter 62.jpg
Kanji 月下 うさぎ!!!!
Romaji Tsukishita Usagi!!!!
Volume 7
Arc Training Camp Arc
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HIP 62: USAGI TSUKISHITA!!!! (月下 うさぎ!!!!, Tsukishita Usagi!!!!) is the sixty-second chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi woke up the next morning after collapsed. Later, they went for the trial matches, where Non Toyoguchi fought Atsuko Yoshida, and then Hanabi Kawai fought Rin Rokudo. After waiting quite long, Nozomi finally got her turn. Before the match started, Kyoko Shirayuki advised Nozomi to calm because her opponent was an Outfighter. While Mio cheered for both Nozomi and Usagi. Nozomi then figured out that Usagi was a fan of Mio, who adored her greatly. As the match started, Usagi overwhelmed Nozomi with her speed. While Nozomi couldn't touch Usagi at all.

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