Chapter 61
Chapter 61
Kanji カブと共に!!!!
Romaji Kabu to Tomoni!!!!
Volume 7
Arc Training Camp Arc
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HIP 61: TOGETHER WITH THE TURNIP!!!! (カブと共に!!!!, Kabu to Tomoni!!!!) is the sixty-first chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


The next day, Nozomi proceeded her training but was visited by Mio Kusakai, who tried to pull the turnips with her butt. Nozomi was surprised at the fact that Mio succeeded on her first attempt. Mio began teasing Nozomi, while a stranger stalking them. Later, the teacher, Miku Kobayakawa announced that tomorrow would the last day of training camp, and it would be ended by trial matches. Regarding the matchups, Kobayakawa gave them the chance to challange one another. Usagi then raised her hand while challenging Nozomi. On the other hand, Nozomi questioned who was she. In response, Kazane told Nozomi that her name's Usagi Tsukishita, and she was ranked 9th within the Elite Class. Mio then questioned Nozomi as to why Usagi challenged her. Nozomi answered that she didn't know, but in fact she hasn't really done anything. Proceeding her training, Nozomi was eventually found collapsed by Shirayuki.

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