Chapter 60
Chapter 60
Kanji 瞬尻!!!!
Romaji Shunketsu!!!!
Volume 7
Arc Training Camp Arc
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HIP 60: BUTT FLASH!!!! (瞬尻!!!!, Shunketsu!!!!) is the sixtieth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Later that night, Nozomi tried to do the the Bottom-8 movement from the first exam. She fully realized that the speed of her butt has been slowed. Shirayuki suddenly appeared and willingly explained Nozomi's weakness, advising her to become a wolf. The next day, while Mio Kusakai, Atsuko Yoshida, and Hanabi Kawai were practicing balance, Nozomi was invited by Shirayuki to another training spot. There, she began to teach her about "Butt Flash". She told Nozomi to pull the turnips by using her butt. She gave an instance and ordered Nozomi to do so. While Nozomi initially complained regarding this matter, but later realized that Shirayuki was really spending her time to teach her.

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