Chapter 57
Chapter 57.JPG
Kanji 京都のオバさん!!!!
Romaji Kyōto no Obasan!!!!
Volume 6
Arc Training Camp Arc
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HIP 57: THE KYOTO'S OLD LADY!!!! (京都のオバさん!!!!, Kyōto no Obasan!!!!) is the fifty-seventh chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Upon arriving at the lodge, Nozomi immediately rushed to contact her siblings. But soon, she was called by her teacher, Miku Kobayakawa, who told her that Ujibe has permitted Kobayakawa to train Nozomi as an Infighter. Later, they went jogging, but they were left behind by an old lady, who accelerated her speed. Motivated, the Elite Class tried to chase her, but was unable to do so. Non then tripped over a bunch of boards. While Kobayakawa introduced her to the Elite Class, that she was an active player, Kyoko Shirayuki, and the fact that she would become their trainer during the training camp. Shirayuki immediately used her technique, "Butt Missile", to block all of the boards. Nozomi then thought that they were thinking the same thing: just how big was the gap between them.

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