Chapter 56
Chapter 56.JPG
Kanji おいでやす京都!!!!
Romaji Oideyasu Kyōto!!!!
Volume 6
Arc Training Camp Arc
Chapter 55.5 Chapter 57

HIP 56: WELCOME TO KYOTO!!!! (おいでやす京都!!!!, Oideyasu Kyōto!!!!) is the fifty-sixth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


After being promoted into the Elite Class, Nozomi and the others went to training camp. Upon arriving there, Miku Kobayakawa gave 3 hours of free time to her students. Sayaka tried to invite Nozomi, but she was interrupted by the other Elite Class members. Sayaka ended up wandering alone. She was later confronted by two street thugs. Sayaka decided to run away but the thugs tried to stop Sayaka. Before they could touch her, Nozomi appeared and rescued her friend. Nozomi then stated that she wanted to hang out with her. Thrilled, Sayaka eventually got the chance to hang up with her roommates. As they back to the group, Kobayakawa said that they needed to go. Sayaka then stated that she got her gold medal, while Nozomi made fun of her.

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