Chapter 55
Chapter 55.JPG
Kanji 愛用のノート!!!!
Romaji Aiyō no Nōto!!!!
Volume 6
Arc Class Exchange Arc
Chapter 54 Chapter 55.5

MY PRECIOUS NOTEBOOK!!!! (愛用のノート!!!!, Aiyō no Nōto!!!!) is the fifty-fifth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


The three realized that they have been hypnotized by Mio's boobs. Mio then stated that all of them were doing their best. Completely unable to move, Kazane couldn't dodge Mio, while Mio easily sunk her. Mio proceeded to sink the two remaining contestants. Mio won the match, while the staff went to help the Kazane, Shimada, and Horiuchi, who were drowning. Kazane was then seen depressed. While Ujibe stated that results of the class exchange event would be announced tomorrow. Kazane then gave Nozomi her note, which was filled by data she has gathered about the female students in Setouchi. She then stated that she didn't need it anymore, because she thought that she would be dropped out soon. Nozomi disagreed and invited Kazane to talk with their teacher, Ujibe. As they arrived, they were greeted by Hanabi Kawai, who was seen in front of the door. Mio then screamed so hard, and made all of them heard her voice. Hanabi then explained that Mio was punished for using the banned hypnotism technique. All of them then entered the room, while Nozomi and Mio stated that Kazane would become a great Keijo player. Ujibe replied that she'd like to see that. implying that Kazane was not going to be dropped out of school. The next morning, the notice was out, and it said that four students, all of the Room 309 would be promoted into the Elite Class. Ujibe then wondered if they could win against the east this year.

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