Chapter 54
Chapter 54
Kanji 風音ちゃんなら!!!!
Romaji Kazane-chan Nara!!!!
Volume 6
Arc Class Exchange Arc
Chapter 53 Chapter 55

HIP 54: KAZANE-CHAN CAN DO IT!!!! (風音ちゃんなら!!!!, Kazane-chan Nara!!!!) is the fifty-fourth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Kazane Aoba finally got her turn to participate in group 4. Kazane, Momo Horiuchi, and Ai Shimada have to face against the 1st rank of Elite Class, Mio Kusakai. Non Toyoguchi asked Sayaka Miyata whether Kazane could win, but Sayaka said that she didn't know about that, while Nozomi stated that Kazane would be fine. As the match started, Kazane rushed towards Mio and attacked her, but was easily dodged. Mio then started teasing Kazane, while also reminded her on the day of entrance exam. Mio was trying to talk to her, but Kazane ran away, Mio stated that she loved Kazane's shyness. Kazane then called Shimada, who suddenly appeared to attack Mio, but Mio was able to dodge it. Proceeded by Horuichi, who appeared behind Mio to attack her, but Mio was also able to dodge her. Mio was later attacked by Kazane herself, but once again was able to dodge it. Mio then realized that Kazane was ordering them to follow her command. Kazane began revealing her ability: "Scanning Hand", the fact that her right hand was a bit more sensitive than average, and she could sense strange winds, constitution, and habits of the people she touched. She also stated that she has touched all the people's butts in Setouchi. Mio started laughing to response Kazane's explaination, while the three of them were suddenly paralyzed. Kazane began to notice that Mio has been swaying away her boobs for a while.

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