Chapter 53
Chapter 53
Kanji 呼び出し!!!!
Romaji Yobidashi!!!!
Volume 6
Arc Class Exchange Arc
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HIP 53: WE NEED TO TALK!!!! (呼び出し!!!!, Yobidashi!!!!) is the fifty-third chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi was called for using the technique which was banned by her teacher. In turn, Non stated that Nozomi just needed to wait to see her victory. However, Non was frightened upon noticing that the group was full of muscular women. Nana Gotsui and Yuko Oshima rushed towards Atsuko Yoshida. However, both were blocked by Yoshida's Butt of Vajra, revealing that her butt was hard as steel. Yoshida then turned her attention to a scared Non. Yoshida decided to sink Non as she assaulted her. However, Non's butt was surprisingly very soft, and was able to bounce Yoshida's Vajrass, sending her flying out of the Land. Ujibe then went to check Nozomi's butt, while Nozomi's friends were caught eavesdropping from outside. Non then came to join while stated that she won. Nozomi and Non then were slapping each other's hands.

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