Chapter 52
Chapter 52.JPG
Kanji 私が勝つ!!!!
Romaji Watashi ga Katsu!!!!
Volume 6
Arc Class Exchange Arc
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HIP 52: I WILL WIN!!!! (私が勝つ!!!!, Watashi ga Katsu!!!!) is the fifty-second chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Ujibe realized that Nozomi was going to use the "Vacuum Butt Cannon", the technique that has been banned by her. Nozomi attacked Kotone, but it only grazed Kotone's swimsuit. Kotone felt how powerful that attack was, while noticed that Nozomi must be unbearable from using that attack. However, Nozomi prepared to attack Kotone again for the second time. While Kotone decided to face Nozomi and released full power of Cerberus. They assaulted each other, while a massive explosion occurred. Kotone realized that even in terms of power, Nozomi was stronger. Kotone's swimsuit was torn apart, as she sunk out of the Land. Nozomi won the match, while smiling and trying to shake Kotone's hand. However, Kotone turned away while saying that she didn't care about matches at all. Kotone took back her headphones to listen her homoerotic drama CDs, but she realized that she couldn't hear it because her heart was beating too loud, due to excitement after fought Nozomi. Nozomi was later congratulated by her friends, but an angered Ujibe waited Nozomi and called her to the infirmary. The staff then called the participants of group 3 to get ready for the match.

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