Chapter 51
Chapter 51.JPG
Kanji やっと!!!!
Romaji Yatto!!!!
Volume 6
Arc Class Exchange Arc
Chapter 50 Chapter 52

HIP 51: FINALLY!!!! (やっと!!!!, Yatto!!!!) is the fifty-first chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi provoked Kotone, while Kotone was pissed off. She decided to finish Nozomi off and managed to bite her with Cerberus. But, when she was about to throw her away, Kotone felt a vibrating sensation from Nozomi's butt. Apparently, Nozomi has found a way to counter Kotone's ability, called the "Hip Vibrator". Kotone attacked Nozomi again but she was still unable to resist from taking Nozomi's vibrating attack. Irritated, Kotone finally turned around and attacked Nozomi with her chests for the first time. Nozomi was glad to see that Kotone started to get serious, but Kotone suddenly proceed attacking Nozomi by using combos with her chests and butt. Rei Mikawa tried to help but was easily deflected. Mikawa then asked Nozomi to attack Kotone together, but Kotone was still able to handle both of them. Mikawa got hit in the face, while lost her balance, touching the Land, causing her out of the fight. Nozomi then slided around the water, and showed her signature move.

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