Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Kanji 取材がきた!!!!
Romaji Shuzai ga Kita!!!!
Volume 1
Arc First Exam Arc
Chapter 4 Chapter 6

HIP 5: AN INTERVIEW IS COMING!!!! (取材がきた!!!!, Shuzai ga Kita!!!!) is the fifth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Interviewers decided to interview Nozomi Kaminashi. While arguing with Sayaka Miyata, both of them encountered an examinee who seemed to dislike them. However, this girl, Mei Matsumoto, clarified herself. She continued introducing herself as a repeater, and it's the her third and last chance to enroll. They were later talking about the final test. Satomi Shiomi then explained about the "Bottom-8", the final test which aimed to count how many times they can make the number "8" with their hips.

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