Chapter 48
Chapter 48
Kanji 藤崎 琴音!!!!
Romaji Fujisaki Kotone!!!!
Volume 6
Arc Class Exchange Arc
Chapter 47 Chapter 49

HIP 48: KOTONE FUJISAKI!!!! (藤崎 琴音!!!!, Fujisaki Kotone!!!!) is the forty-eighth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Sayaka was having trouble in order to pull back swimsuit. The staff then called the participants of group 2 to get ready for the match. Kazane told Nozomi that her opponent, Kotone Fujisaki, was definitely strong. While Hanabi Kawai explained that her mother was a Keijo player, a former Keijo Queen, and a legendary player who gave birth to a lot of Keijo techniques. Kazane told that her sister has also been a Keijo player as well. Upon entering the arena, Nozomi noticed that Kotone has been gazing at the male staff for a while, which embarrassingly denied by her. Shizuka Kimura then warned both Rei Mikawa and Nozomi that they must work together in order to defeat Kotone, because they were all wanting to get into the Elite Class. Before the match started, Hanabi suddenly noticed that she forgot to tell Nozomi about Kotone's Cerberus.

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