Chapter 47
Chapter 47
Kanji 最速求め!!!!
Romaji Saisoku Motome!!!!
Volume 5
Arc Class Exchange Arc
Chapter 46 Chapter 48

HIP 47: FOR THE SAKE OF FASTEST!!!! (最速求め!!!!, Saisoku Motome!!!!) is the forty-seventh chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Kazane told her friends that ever since Sayaka saw Rin in the cafeteria, she was thinking how to defeat her. By now, Sayaka has found a way to become the fastest. Sayaka activated her new technique, called K-acceleration. Sayaka pulled up her swimsuit to lighten the burden on her butt, as such she was able to move faster. Sayaka used this chance to corner Rin, and finally was able to sink her. Sayaka won, but soon fell to the ground. Rin admitted her defeat, while saying that she'd like to have a match with her again before shaking her hand.

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