Chapter 46
Chapter 46.JPG
Kanji 撃ち合いの果てに!!!!
Romaji Uchiai no Hate ni!!!!
Volume 5
Arc Class Exchange Arc
Chapter 45 Chapter 47

HIP 46: FIGHTING TO THE LIMIT!!!! (撃ち合いの果てに!!!!, Uchiai no Hate ni!!!!) is the forty-sixth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Rin figured out that Sayaka was holding back, and pretending to be weak. The two proceeded dueling at high speeds, while the spectators were confused. Rin was spamming the same attack, but Sayaka was still able to handle it. Until Nozomi noticed that Sayaka was stopped for a second. Nozomi then realized it was because Rin's special ability, extra ordinary lung capacity. Rin was still able to hold her breath for extended periods of time, allowing her to attack Sayaka continuously. On the other hand, even if Sayaka was able to compete her in terms of speed, she suffered from suffocation, due to exert a lot of strength. Rin cornered Sayaka for the second time. However, Kazane told her friends that Sayaka hasn't been defeated.

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