Chapter 45
Chapter 45.JPG
Kanji 私がいるのだから!!!!
Romaji Watashi ga Iru no Dakara!!!!
Volume 5
Arc Class Exchange Arc
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HIP 45: BECAUSE I'M HERE!!!! (私がいるのだから!!!!, Watashi ga Iru no Dakara!!!!) is the forty-fifth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


The match was just started, but Sayaka instantly rushed towards Rin. Sayaka attacked Rin at high speeds, but Rin was able to dodge it, since she was faster. Rin said that she was surprised because she thought Sayaka was a calm person, but suddenly turned out aggressive. Sayaka denied Rin for being the fastest Outfighter in West Japan. Provoked by this, Rin was easily able to sink Kururu Nemoto, and Harumi Konishi, leaving Sayaka alone as her last opponent. They were dueling at crazy speeds. Rin was seemingly able to corner Sayaka, and was about to finish her. However, Sayaka revealed that she was just joking, causing Rin to surprise. Sayaka then countered Rin with "Triple Cyclone", it was able to hit her with Sayaka's last attempt.

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