Chapter 44
Chapter 44
Kanji クラス替え!!!!
Romaji Kurasu-gae!!!!
Volume 5
Arc Class Exchange Arc
Chapter 43.5 Chapter 45

HIP 44: THE CLASS EXCHANGE!!!! (クラス替え!!!!, Kurasu-gae!!!!) is the forty-fourth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Two weeks later, after three months since the the current school year started, Nagisa Ujibe gathered all of the students, and announced that they'd like to held a class exchange event. Where the regular classes students got the opportunity to be promoted into the Elite Class. Ujibe then revealed that they would fight one another in groups of four, but there's an Elite Class' member in each group. Sayaka then realized that the point of this test was to prove that they were better than the current Elite Class' members. Sayaka got her turn in group 1, along with Kururu Nemoto and Harumi Konishi, they face against the second rank of the Elite Class, Rin Rokudo. The match was just started, but Sayaka instantly rushed towards Rin.

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