Chapter 43
Chapter 43.JPG
Volume 5
Arc Sweet Room Arc
Chapter 42 Chapter 43.5

HIP 43: UTM!!!! is the forty-third chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi asked what did she mean. But soon Ujibe showed up to call Nozomi to explain regarding this matter. Ujibe explaned that the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" would fit for her as an Infighter. Despite this, Ujibe said that Nozomi would become a Counter, and she was banned from using that technique. Ujibe also told that her technique has a very high risk for her. Nozomi kneeled before her, and begged to let her become an In-Fighter, because she want to become stronger. The next day, Nozomi wore something like a racing suit, which grabbed her friends' attention. Nozomi stated it's called "UTM", the Ujibe Tailor-Made Maillot. When they began practicing, Nozomi joined Counter type students. However, the suit made her difficult to move and Nozomi was slipped instead. Hokuto realized that Ujibe really raised her to be an In-Fighter, since the suit kept her limbs fixated with reinforced rubber, forcing her to use her hip more efficient. Ujibe replied that Hokuto should believe in her student. Two weeks later, Nozomi complained how pain it was to wear that suit. But soon, Toyoguchi appeared to tell Nozomi that a class exchange event was about to start within two weeks.

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