Chapter 42
Chapter 42.JPG
Kanji 真空烈尻!!!!
Romaji Shinkū Rekketsu!!!!
Volume 5
Arc Sweet Room Arc
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HIP 42: VACUUM BUTT CANNON!!!! (真空烈尻!!!!, Shinkū Rekketsu!!!!) is the forty-second chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi was still confused why their swimsuits were torn apart. Hokuto then announced that tomorrow teachers would decide regarding their fighting style, based on their evaluation of the trial match. She then proceeded explaining about the 3 types of fighting style in Keijo. Firstly, those who mainly utilized power are called "Infighters". Secondly, those who mainly utilized speed are called "Outfighters". And lastly, those who mainly utilized defense are called "Counters". Later, Nozomi and her friends went to the cafeteria, where they met Hanabi Kawai and Kusakai Mio from the Elite Class. They also met Rin Rokudo, the second ranked examine and a member of the Elite Class as well. Rin introduced herself while adding that she is the fastest Outfighter of West Japan. While Nozomi doubted about that, Rin decided to show off. Moving at high speeds, Rin showed several butts and asked Nozomi to count them. Before Nozomi could answer, Rin vanished from Nozomi's eyesight, and appeared behind Toyoguchi. Rin answered herself that she showed 9 butts. Nozomi then thought that the Elite Class members have their own specialty. The next day, Hokuto announced what the students' fighting style would be. She then announced for Room 309, with Sayaka became an Outfighter, Toyoguchi as a Counter, and Kazane as an Outfighter. When she was about to announce Nozomi's fighting style, she then stated "no comment" for Nozomi. Confusing all of the students.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Rin Rokudo finally makes her full appearance after previously appeared as a cameo in Chapter 9.


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