Chapter 41
Chapter 41
Kanji ランド授業!!!!
Romaji Rando Jugyō!!!!
Volume 5
Arc Sweet Room Arc
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HIP 41: A LAND CLASS!!!! (ランド授業!!!!, Rando Jugyō!!!!) is the forty-first chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Following the "Hip Toss" training, regular classes finally got the opportunity to try a Land class. The teacher, Hitomi Hokuto then announced that they would do a trial match with teachers. The race would be four students against one teacher, divided by their room numbers. When Room 309 got their turn, they suprised that they actually would face Nagisa Ujibe, instead of Hokuto. As the match started, Kazane rushed to assault her, but Ujibe was easily able to block it. Proceeded by Sayaka's effort, who tried to assault her with the "Butt Gatling", but Ujibe could dodge all of her attacks. Ujibe then tried to counter Sayaka, but Toyoguchi appeared and protected her roomate. In the end, Ujibe noticed that their roommates were just bait, Nozomi prepared to spin her hip before assaulting with a powerful attack. Noticing it was not just a normal attack, Ujibe decided to dodge by jumping, but it grazed Sayaka, Kazane, and Toyoguchi instead. Causing their swimsuits to tear apart. The girls were embarrassingly screaming, while Nozomi was confused with what she did.

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