Chapter 40
Chapter 40
Kanji 青葉のチカラ!!!!
Romaji Aoba no Chikara!!!!
Volume 5
Arc Sweet Room Arc
Chapter 39 Chapter 41

HIP 40: AOBA'S POWER!!!! (青葉のチカラ!!!!, Aoba no Chikara!!!!) is the fortieth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Noticing that Kazane was the one who knew where the landing spot would be. Nozomi asked Kazane to become the leader, but Kazane shy away. Later, Nozomi tried to get more close to her, while her roommates tought that her method was wrong. Later that night, Kazane kept calling her sister by phone. The next day, Yuko Oshima and her roommates obtained the highest score for a while. Room 309 then got their turn. Nozomi said that she'd like to rely on Kazane, while Kazane replied that she didn't want to become the leader, but she would like to change. Surprisingly, Nozomi knew where the landing spot would be, as if she was reading Kazane's thoughts. Nozomi herself actually was just gazing at Kazane's ponytail, to figure out the landing spot. When they was about to surpass Oshima's room, Nozomi told the next landing spot different than what Kazane thought. Kazane herself tried to catch it but she realized she wouldn't make it in time. As such, Kazane asked Nozomi to catch to it. Nozomi replied that she was waiting, because she did it on purpose by telling the wrong landing spot to make Kazane gaining some confidence and talk more. Room 309 finally surpassed Room 104 and obtained the highest score.

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