Chapter 39
Chapter 39.jpg
Kanji ONLYランド!!!!
Romaji ONLY Rando!!!!
Volume 5
Arc Sweet Room Arc
Chapter 38 Chapter 40

HIP 39: ONLY-LAND (ONLYランド!!!!, ONLY Rando!!!!) is the thirty-ninth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Because the ball was easily swayed by the wind, no one can tell where the landing spot would be. Room 309 was still troubled with this matter. Later that night, they were talking at their room. The next day, Hitomi Hokuto said that tomorrow would be the day to show her the results of the "Hip Toss" training. She also added that she did like to treat the room with the highest score. Nozomi was later motivated by her teacher's promise. While Sayaka assumed that they needed a leader to command them. Sayaka became the leader but they were still troubled. Nozomi then noticed that Kazane was the one who knew where the landing spot would be. Surprised that Kazane was really predicting it.

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