Chapter 37
Chapter 37
Kanji 目の前のコト!!!!
Romaji Me no Mae no Koto!!!!
Volume 5
Arc Sweet Room Arc
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HIP 37: FOCUS ON WHAT'S IN FRONT OF YOU!!!! (目の前のコト!!!!, Me no Mae no Koto!!!!) is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


The teacher, Hitomi Hokuto started the roll call on the first day of school. Nozomi Kaminashi thought that they were going to the Land but they they actually did was just muscle training. Later, they went to the class while the teacher, Miku Kobayakawa explained the subject matter. Nozomi then noticed that the Elite Class went to do balance training, but she was caught by Kobayakawa. Angered by Nozomi who ignored her lesson, Kobayakawa then shot a pen to Nozomi's forehead by using her butt. Kobayakawa then told Nozomi that she was allowed to dream about the Elite Class, but she must focus on what's front of her.

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