Chapter 36
Chapter 36
Kanji スイートルーム!!!!
Romaji Suītorūmu!!!!
Volume 4
Arc Sweet Room Arc
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HIP 36: THE SWEET ROOM!!!! (スイートルーム!!!!, Suītorūmu!!!!) is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Sayaka proceeded explaining more about Keijo Engineers to Nozomi. Masaru Okazaki then approached Nozomi and scolded her for seeing him while peeing. All of the freshmen then were called to attend the entrance ceremony. A short time later, while Nozomi and Sayaka were looking for their room, Yuko Oshima appeared and told that they would be in the same room. Oshime then also told that Sayuri Naka didn't pass the exam due to remarried. Before leaving, Oshima warned both of them about their room, the Room 309, which also called the "Sweet Room". It's rumoured that the room is designated for those who barely passed the exam. Nozomi and Sayaka then went to their room, meeting their roommates. A clumsy girl. Non Toyoguchi, and an introvert girl, Kazane Aoba. While Nozomi was able to get along well with Non, Kazane didn't give any reaction at all. Nozomi then approached her, only to rip her magazine. Causing Kazane to upset, while started to speak roughly. Non tried to mediate them but she tripped again and spilled tea to the bed. While her roommates engaged in a quarrel, Sayaka left from the room.

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