Chapter 35
Chapter 35
Kanji 入学式!!!!
Romaji Nyūgakushiki!!!!
Volume 4
Arc Sweet Room Arc
Chapter 34.5 Chapter 36

HIP 35: THE ENTRANCE CEREMONY!!!! (入学式!!!!, Nyūgakushiki!!!!) is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.

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Months later, Nozomi went to move into her new school. Leaving her siblings in take care of Fumiko Omotenishi. After arriving at Setouchi Keijo Training School, Nozomi was later greeted by Hanabi Kawai, and met the first ranked examinee from the Elite Class, Mio Kusakai. Mio instantly showed her interest towards Nozomi. While also saying that she'd like to have a match with her. A short time later, Nozomi went to the toilet, but she immediately screamed upon seeing male students there. Nozomi rushed towards Sayaka, while Sayaka explained that male students were studying to become Keijo Engineers.

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