Chapter 32
Chapter 32.jpg
Kanji あの日のコト!!!!
Romaji Ano Hi no Koto!!!!
Volume 4
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 31 Chapter 33

HIP 32: THAT DAY!!!! (あの日のコト!!!!, Ano Hi no Koto!!!!) is the thirty-second chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Noticing that she couldn't defeat Sayaka alone, Yamikumo was looking for help. But Sayaka told that her followers wouldn't come because they have sunk. Sayaka then proceeded to overwhelm Yamikumo. While Yamikumo tried to counter her. In the end, Sayaka was faster and was able to sink her. Sayaka then began telling the truth what happened on the day of final qualifiers. It was revealed that Hayashida actually supported Sayaka to chase Sayaka's dream in order to become a Keijo player. Causing Yamikumo to realize that she tried to avenge for nothing. Sayaka then realized that the race was not over yet.

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