Chapter 30
Chapter 30.jpg
Kanji 培ったスキル!!!!
Romaji Tsuchikatta Sukiru!!!!
Volume 4
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 29 Chapter 31

HIP 30: A DEVELOPED SKILL!!!! (培ったスキル!!!!, Tsuchikatta Sukiru!!!!) is the thirtieth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Hanabi assaulted Nozomi in a very close distance. But Nozomi found out that Hanabi targeted the jaw which causing people to faint if they took a direct hit. As such Nozomi was able to dodge it, but she was overwhelmed by Hanabi, who showed immense speed. Nozomi then jumped to use her own skill and attacked Hanabi, despite Hanabi was able to dodge it, Nozomi's attack grazed her swimsuit.

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