Chapter 25
Chapter 25
Kanji ズルした女!!!!
Romaji Zurushita Onna!!!!
Volume 3
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 24 Chapter 26

HIP 25: A CUNNING WOMAN!!!! (ズルした女!!!!, Zurushita Onna!!!!) is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


After switching the position with Miki, Nozomi decided to run away to the wider area. Miki then chased her, but she was also chased by Miho. While Miki warned Miho to not get involved with this matter. Surprisingly, Nozomi was coming back and preparing her an attack. Nozomi launched the Butt Cannon, while Niki tried to block it. However, Miki was eventually unable to hold it off. Nozomi sunk both Miki and Miho, but she was exhausted. On the other hand, Sayaka fought Oguri and was able to corner her. But soon two reinforcements came to help Oguri. Sayaka was confused why they were aiming for her. She then found out that they have been tricked by Yamikumo to think that she and her friends were cheating through the tests. The three girls then tried to attack Sayaka together, but Sayaka was able to overcome them all. Sayaka was even able to eliminate Oguri.

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