Chapter 23
Chapter 23.jpg
Kanji 逃げるが勝ち!!!!
Romaji Nigerugakachi!!!!
Volume 3
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 22 Chapter 24

HIP 23: IF I ESCAPE, I WIN!!!! (逃げるが勝ち!!!!, Nigerugakachi!!!!) is the twenty-third chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Miki's pissed off while Nozomi's grinning. Miki fought back Nozomi and tried to attack her a couple times, but Nozomi was able to dodge all of her attacks. Nozomi was even able to corner her. Miki decided to run away and lured Nozomi into the narrow area. But soon Nozomi realized that she was trapped because Miki has the advantage there. Nozomi then wanted to get away and back to the wide area, but she was already blocked by Miho Ono, who appeared behind her. Nozomi then prepared the Hip Up technique.

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