Chapter 22
Chapter 22.jpg
Kanji 『すごろく』みたい!!!!
Romaji Sugoroku Mitai!!!!
Volume 3
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 21 Chapter 23

HIP 22: IT'S LIKE SNAKES AND LADDERS!!!! (『すごろく』みたい!!!!, Sugoroku Mitai!!!!) is the twenty-second chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


The last test finally began as the first group participants entered the arena. The match has started but no one made a single move, Nozomi became the first to move, while reaching her opponent Yume Miki. Nozomi splashed water to cover the screen and made her unable to see. As a result, Nozomi managed to land an opening blow to Miki's face.

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