Chapter 21
Chapter 21
Kanji トップ10!!!!
Romaji Toppu 10!!!!
Volume 3
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 20 Chapter 22

HIP 21: THE TOP10!!!! (トップ10!!!!, Toppu 10!!!!) is the twenty-first chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


On the 3rd day, Sachiko Yamikumo proceed spreading bad rumours about Sayaka Miyata and her friends to other examinees. Yuko Oshima then came to drag her friends to see the Top 10, which are candidates for the Elite Class. Later, Nagisa Ujibe immediately announced that they would start the last test of the second exam. It would be trial matches, where the examinees would fight against one another on the top of Land called "Road".

Characters in Order of Appearance


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