Chapter 165
Chapter 165.jpg
Kanji 共同生活!!!!
Romaji Kyōdō Seikatsu!!!!
Volume 17
Arc Butt Graduation Festival Arc
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HIP 164: SOCIAL LIFE!!!! (共同生活!!!!, Kyōdō Seikatsu!!!!) is the one hundred sixty-fifth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Maya began to stay in the Garden Worth alongside Nozomi. The next morning, Sayaka came to wake Nozomi up, but was surprised upon seeing Nozomi embraced Maya while sleeping. Shocked, Sayaka screamed. Maya then apologized, stating that she was very sleepy, and thus ended up sleeping on Nozomi's futon. However, Nozomi stated it's similar when she embraced Sayaka while sleeping, before changing the subject, asking about their breakfast. After finished cooking, Sayaka asked Maya about what happened to Suruga. Maya began telling about what happened to her mother and friends in Suruga.

Afterwards, Sayaka told them to view a match which involving Fuyuyu Tsurugi. Wondering if at least they could analyze her butt's abilities, prompting Maya to tell it's helpless. The replay showed Fuyuyu was able to defeat all of her opponents, including Hikaru Muromachi and Midori Morimoto with little effort. Fuyuyu finished the race with her absolute victory in a very short amount of time. Maya stated that they still couldn't figure out the secret behind her abilities.

Meanwhile, at a cafe, Fuyuyu, who was waiting her superior was seen reading a magazine to find out if they wrote something about her race. Shortly after, Shibuya came while apologized for being late. Shibuya then asked what Fuyuyu wanted to drink. Shibuya questioned about Naki's and Hikaru's condition, before mentioning about their defeat. Shibuya stated that they disappointed her. Shibuya also told them that they were not just Keijo players but the representative of East. Fuyuyu replied that East players didn't expect that West rookies were able to rival them, before apologizing. Shibuya then warned that Fuyuyu should be aware of her position, which causing Fuyuyu trembled.

Back to the Garden Worth, while Sayaka was washing dishes she noticed that something was wrong. As such, she went to the bathroom and saw that Maya was bumping into Nozomi in an erotic pose. Shocked, Sayaka demanded them to explain. However, Maya then stated that she wanted Nozomi to get along with her left boob.

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