Chapter 164
Chapter 164.jpg
Kanji ノーテンキ!!!!
Romaji Nōtenki!!!!
Volume 17
Arc Butt Graduation Festival Arc
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HIP 164: EASYGOING!!!! (ノーテンキ!!!!, Nōtenki!!!!) is the one hundred sixty-fourth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Later that night, as the Elite Class alumni stayed at a hotel, Nozomi stated that she still couldn't believe that Mio managed to win. Moreover, Nozomi pointed out how her opponent broke the Land into pieces. As such, Mio teased her that Nozomi could touch it if she still doubted her. Mio then explained that she was just targeting sensitive zones as Mio observed her opponent's sizes. Mio then tried to use her perverted skills on Non. Nozomi then pointed out how Usagi fell down to the Land after impressed by Mio. Meanwhile at a restaurant, Fuyuyu was seen reading the magazine that reported about the first half of the qualification phase of the Butt Graduation Festival. Fuyuyu began to worry. Back to the hotel, Hikari suddenly emerged from Yoshida's bag, surprising Setouchi's alumni. Shortly after, Nanase and pals also entered the room. Nanase told Hikari to stop from showing her magic trick, before greeting Setouchi's alumni. However, Nanase got mad since she was ignored by Sayaka and the others.

Sayaka stated that she and her comrades were tired due to the Butt Graduation Festival, while assuming that Suruga's alumni followed them there since they have nothing to do. Hikari and Nanase then explained that they were also participated in the event but were defeated in the qualification phase. Hanabi stated she didn't notice them at all, prompting Rin to state that they wouldn't definitely notice it as the number of participants was over 400. Hikari stated that they had bad luck since they encountered Fuyuyu in the qualification phase, only a few of them survived. As Hikari revealed that Maya was able to advance to the next phase, Nozomi greeted Maya, while the others started to wonder since when they got closer.

Nozomi then asked would the next phase be started, prompting Maya to ask if Nozomi has yet to check the schedule. Maya informed Nozomi that they would be in the same race. The same goes for Sane and Non. However, Maya revealed that that two members of the Five Butts, Misaki Rindou and Fuyuyu Tsurugi, would also be in the same race with them. Hikari then brought a newspaper that reported about them. Shortly after, while bowing down, Maya asked Nozomi to stay with her until their next match.

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