Chapter 163
Chapter 163.jpg
Volume 17
Arc Butt Graduation Festival Arc
Chapter 162 Chapter 164

HIP 163: NOS!!!! is the one hundred sixty-third chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


By using her "Gravity Ass", Hikaru tilts the Land downwards. She then rushes towards Noguchi and assaults her with a great amount of strength, defeating Noguchi and splitting the Land in half. Shortly after, Kazane informs that Hikaru has the title of Nippon'ichi Omoi Shiri (日本一重い尻, lit. "Japan's Number One Heaviest Butt"), or NOS for short. Usagi begins rushing towards Hikaru, but Hikaru vanishes from her eyesight. Hikaru jumps in mid-air before releasing her technique, "Pulse Ass". As Usagi is able to dodge her, Hikaru continues chasing her down. Usagi then begins to lose her balance. Fortunately, Mio saves and picks her away. Despite this, Hikaru still tries to chase both of them, and breaking the Land into pieces. Mio stop running away as she realizes that Hikaru has been reduced a large amount of footing. Mio drops Usagi before tries to counter Hikaru with her technique, "Heaven Hip Spot". Hikaru keeps silent as Mio successfully hits her.

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