Chapter 162
Chapter 162.jpg
Kanji 日下生出陣!!!!
Romaji Kusakai Shutsujin!!!!
Volume 17
Arc Butt Graduation Festival Arc
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HIP 162: KUSAKAI ENTERS THE FRAY!!!! (日下生出陣!!!!, Kusakai Shutsujin!!!!) is the one hundred sixty-second chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


After managed to defeat Naki Kujaku, Sayaka tries to avoid the media by wearing a disguise. However, Nozomi makes fun of Sayaka, saying that she won't make a mistake of recognizing her flat chest, causing Sayaka to throw her down. Rin then questions her on why didn't she watch the next race in her house. Sayaka replies that she doesn't want to miss the next match involving the first ranked student among their alumni, Mio Kusakai. One of the Five Butts, namely Hikaru, also gets her turn in the same next match. Mio tries to shake her hand. But soon, Hikaru starts crying, apologizing that she will have to crush them all. Irritated, Usagi interupts them. Usagi then rushes towards Kuriyama putting her butt onto her opponent's face, defeating her. However, the Land starts to tilt, as Hikaru apologizes once more.

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