Chapter 161
Chapter 161.jpg
Kanji フィナーレ!!!!
Romaji Fināre!!!!
Volume 17
Arc Butt Graduation Festival Arc
Chapter 160 Chapter 162

HIP 161: FINALE!!!! (フィナーレ!!!!, Fināre!!!!) is the one hundred sixty-first chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Naki began stimulating her nipple to use the "Crashtime of Nip" again. Entering the "Zone", Naki continued overwhelming Sayaka. However, Sayaka began creating an art on her butt. Naki's nipple suddenly stopped from reacting towards danger. Breaking Naki's "Zone", Sayaka deactivated Naki's power. Sayaka then finished Naki off. Realizing that Minamino met a successor that believed in her technique, Naki accepted Minamino and Sayaka's victory. As Naki fell down into the water, the commentator stated the Five Butts' supremacy has been broken.

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