Chapter 160
Chapter 160.jpg
Kanji フンドシモード!!!!
Romaji Fundoshi Mōdo!!!!
Volume 17
Arc Butt Graduation Festival Arc
Chapter 159 Chapter 161

HIP 160: FUNDOSHI MODE!!!! (フンドシモード!!!!, Fundoshi Mōdo!!!!) is the one hundred sixtieth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Sayaka kept attacking Naki in order to prevent her from using her power. Sumire explained that Sayaka used the "Fundoshi Mode", which reducing the air resistance and the ultimate version of the wedgie skill. Naki wondered on how Sayaka could use the technique that was developed by her late friend, Minamino. Naki recalled that Minamino's notebook was taken by her mentor, Nagisa Ujibe. Upon graduating from Setouchi, Ujibe gave Sayaka that notebook. Thus, Sayaka was able to master the "Fundoshi Mode". Naki cried as she realized that Sayaka was the one who inherited her late friend's technique. On the other hand, Sayaka noticed that she almost reached her limit, but Naki prepared to counter her. Thanking Sayaka, Naki asked her to hold on.

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