Chapter 14
Chapter 14.jpg
Kanji PKシュート!!!!
Romaji PK Shūto!!!!
Volume 2
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 13 Chapter 15

HIP 14: PENALTY KICK!!!! (PKシュート!!!!, PK Shūto!!!!) is the fourteenth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


The first test of the second exam has started. The techer Ujibe then explained that they would perform the "Penalty Shoot" test, but they wouldn't be allowed to use their heads and legs, they must hit the ball using their hips or chests. Kimura, Miho Hashimoto, and Sayaka Miyata got their turn first. Sayaka then accepted Nozomi's challenge. While Kimura and Hashimoto were difficult to hit the ball. Sayaka was easily able to hit the first ball and was seen pissed off.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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