Chapter 13
Chapter 13.jpg
Kanji TVのイメージ!!!!
Romaji TV no Imēji!!!!
Volume 2
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 12 Chapter 14

HIP 13: TV PERSONALITY!!!! (TVのイメージ!!!!, TV no Imēji!!!!) is the thirteenth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


It's the first day of the second exam. Examinees were gathering in the cafeteria while talking about the last night incident. Yuko Oshima then commented that Sayaka was different from how she was on TV. It's shown that on TV she was an energetic and cherful person, but in fact she was a calm and collected person. Bothered with this matter, Sayaka left her friends behind, but soon she was followed by a stranger, who blamed her for what happened at qualifiers. On the first test of the second exam, Nozomi challenged if she obtain the higher score than her, Sayaka must tell what happened at last year qualifiers, and if Sayaka win, Nozomi would never discuss about it again.

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