Chapter 12
Chapter 12.jpg
Kanji 大人の対応力!!!!
Romaji Otona no Taiō-ryoku!!!!
Volume 2
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 11 Chapter 13

HIP 12: MATURE MEDIATION!!!! (大人の対応力!!!!, Otona no Taiō-ryoku!!!!) is the twelfth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi kept trying to talk with Hashimoto, but she still insisted to protect the door along with her followers. Naka stepped between them and started to mediate. Naka gained some support from the other examinee. On the other hand, Hashimoto kept insisted with her thoughts, she also mentioned that they were rivals so no need to pity each other. Angered by her statement, Naka scolded Hashimoto while breaking the door by herself. After the incident, Naka revealed her past to both Nozomi and Sayaka. A teaching staff, Tsubasa, finally revealed that she was tasked by Ujibe to disguise as a girl who need to go to pee. This hidden test was aimed to undirectly tell them that they need to care each other to become stronger.

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