Chapter 106
Chapter 106.jpg
Kanji 自慢の姉!!!!
Romaji Jiman no Ane!!!!
Volume 11
Arc Soeur Arc
Chapter 105 Chapter 107

HIP 106: THE SISTER'S PRIDE!!!! (自慢の姉!!!!, Jiman no Ane!!!!) is the one hundred sixth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Sumire accidentally threw Meiko away as she meant to drop her to the ground, instead of throwing her away. Meiko, on the other hand, was able to survive, but Yatsuda sunk.Meiko figured out that Sumire was pretending that she could not catch her opponent and thus Meiko would drop her guard. Sumire then tried various ways in order to throw Meiko away. However, Meiko could escape once more, before trying to paralyze Sumire. However, Sumire was able to escape from the illusions. Sumire then catched Meiko in mid-air, before demonstrating her new technique, savagely dropped Meiko to the ground.

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