Chapter 101
Chapter 101.jpg
Kanji 桜木の事情!!!!
Romaji Sakuragi no Jijō!!!!
Volume 11
Arc Soeur Arc
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HIP 101: SAKURAGI'S CIRCUMSTANCES!!!! (桜木の事情!!!!, Sakuragi no Jijō!!!!) is the one hundred first chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Suika told Sumire to stop, but Meiko still insisted of fighting Sumire. Meiko stated that Sumire has yet to be serious, prompting Meiko to tell Sumire to release her "true" power. Shortly after, the confrontation was eventually stopped when Ai displayed her "Byakko". Ai advised Meiko that Sumire was still in progress of recovering, prompting Meiko to state that she would like to wait Sumire in the next event, the Kobe Special Port. Meiko then explained to Nozomi that A-Rank and B-Rank players with the experience of at least 5 years were allowed to participate there. As Sumire decided to leave, Nozomi hold her hands and asked Sumire to use the "Lock Hip Heaven" technique on her. Sumire hysterically screamed and stated that she couldn't use it.

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