Chapter 100
Chapter 100.jpg
Kanji かんぱ~い!!!!
Romaji Kanpai!!!!
Volume 11
Arc Soeur Arc
Chapter 99 Chapter 101

HIP 100: CHEERS!!!! (かんぱ~い!!!!, Kanpai!!!!) is the one hundredth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Later that night, Nozomi was brought to a food stall in order to celebrate her first victory in the professional world of Keijo. But soon, Jin Mutou appeared and stated that, much like Ai Shinonome, she also wanted to know why hasn't Sumire showed her true strength. Jin revealed that she was accompanied by her mentor, Meiko Ginya. Sumire recognized Meiko since they had a race back then. Meiko wondered if Sumire has recovered and that she picked up a soeur. Sumire denied it, stating Nozomi and Sayaka are just her acquaintances, prompting Meiko to attack Nozomi.

Sumire immediately protected Nozomi but was soon blown away. Ai warned Nozomi to stop as Nozomi tried to assist Sumire, while Suika told Sayaka to close the door. Meiko then drained Nozomi's strength after touching her butt, causing her exhausted. Enraged, Sumire countered Meiko and blew her away

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